Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year; The Rise of 2012

Well here we are. A brand new year & a fresh start. I ended 2011 with a bang, celebrating with friends at a house party in Swindon. Just me & my closest friends and we really had a good send off for the year & celebrated the excitement of what 2012 could hold.

This year is hopefully going to be a great year. Granted I've been single for 1 year 9 months but you never know this could be my year for love, and after two lovely Chinese ladies told me I was beautiful on the train this morning & kissed my cheek wishing me a happy new year, maybe I'll have the luck of the Chinese this year.
Well love is the least of my worries really as I have so much to concentrate on this year. Finalising my years at Uni and leaving in May. Can't quite believe that 3 years have passed and now it's time for me to get out into the real world. Graduating in November will be a really exciting point and I'm hoping to be able to celebrate a good degree grade.
What else has 2012 got in store?
Well hopefully after graduating Uni I'll be able to find myself a job somewhere & start to follow my dream of becoming a Children's Tv Presenter. It's all I've ever wanted & I'm exited to say this could be the starting point of the rest of my life! Also hoping that a new job will mean a new start. Starting up a life somewhere new & the first proper move away from home. I'll miss it terribly but am also looking forward to what it will bring! Everyone needs to leave eventually.

Here's to a happy, healthy & successful 2012.

Bring it on (please)