Thursday, 3 November 2011

Busy Bee

The Busy Life

Goodness me it's been a while. Busy is not the word I can tell you. Uni is so full on at the mo with loads of stuff to do for my final year! Eeeek graduation this time next year and I'm already so so excited!! 
Got lots of fun stuff coming up too with London & Manc & canals!! Oh yeaahhh!
I'm going up to London on Tuesday for my first "proper" interview! I'm excited not going to lie!! And London on my own should be a blast. Least I'll know what to expect when faced alone in the big smoke. Thinking it could be an amazing day & to top it all the Christmas lights are on so that's ace :)
So with the interview & my dissertation well underway things are looking good! Got my advanced project on the Cotswold Canals started too. Sounds dull drab & dusty but honestly it's pretty interesting & I'm going to make it fun! 
Other than Uni though I feel life has come to a standstill. Yes Uni is going places but otherwise I am stuck. Not feeling like I'm actually here. It's well odd!! I want to get the career ball rolling, move away, get a job, maybe find Mr Right (ha ha no chance, I'm far too unlucky) 
Well work calls. 

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