Friday, 19 August 2011

Dissertation, Life and Career Goals

Well the time has come for me to start thinking about my life and actually trying to do something with it! Even though I've been at Uni now for the past 2 years, my third year is about to start and I am preparing myself now, for hopefully, the best year ever! :)

Life goals are probably clearer now than ever before but they seem so much harder to reach now, than they did 2 years ago! Why is that? When surely I should be nearer them as I'm getting a degree?! Weird.
But anyway, I want want want, doesn't always get right?! Well if you want it enough, eventually you must be able to have a chance at getting it yes? Because I'm thinking that if I want it hard enough, and try my very very best and put in 100000%, I may have a small chance of getting what I want. So as a result of this I am going to try everything to get the ball rolling and to get my career.

For those of you who don't know, (though I'd imagine the majority of you do as it's all I ever talk about), I want to be a Children's TV Presenter. Niche market I know and I probably have like a one in a million chance of success but what's for the want of trying ey?!
Ever since I was about 7 this has been my dream. I wrote a letter to the BBC when I was 10 saying that I wanted to work for them and that I wanted to present. They wrote back as well saying that at 10 I was too young, but to try hard and maybe one day it would come true. I've still got this letter til this day and stand by what it said. If I try hard, maybe I will get my dream.

I study, A LOT, to try and make this happen and although most people think I'm boring and probably a tad obsessive over the kid's tv thing, I really enjoy it. If you asked me to write ten thousands words on the education of children's TV, I'd do it and enjoy it. It's a passion and I could go on about it for days. Some people want to travel the world, some want to move away from home, some want to be rich and others want to be happy. I kinda want it all, but then I suppose who doesn't? Imagine, working for children's TV. Waking up in the morning and thinking Wow, I love going to work. I'd hate to get up everyday and dread what it was going to bring. What a horrible thing. I want to wake up excited and happy about the day's events and I want to get involved in things that I could never dream of. Ok, I grant you, I'd never want to jump out of a plane and drop three hundred thousand feet or whatever, but in the name of children's TV I'd do double that.
Madness? I think so.
But then again, I think I'm fun, I think I could do it and mostly, I want to give it a try.

So if you do happen to read this and think OMG what an insane nutter, (as most people do, as a fully grown adult, messing around on TV doesn't appeal to many people out there), you're right. I am a nutter and I love it.


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