Tuesday, 9 August 2011


It has certainly been a very long time since I wrote about something remotely interesting on this here blog, so I thought it may be  good time to change.

So, so facts on me, life and love (pahahaha I'm only kidding on the love part)
Ok so...
1) It's nearly my birthday, exciting times, but to be honest I can't be bothered with it so yeah :/

2) Third and final year of uni starts next month MEGA excited. Looking forward to my final year and then hopefully kick starting my career

3) My love for Kids TV is still going strong and I am still very keen in fulfilling my ambition to become a children's TV presenter. Even though people have said it's a hard market to get into I'm gonna try my bloody best as that's all I want to do, and all I ever have wanted to do :)

4) Have learnt more about life this past few months than ever before. Have decided that I am excited to start my life "alone" and am thinking of moving up to manchester when Uni is done. After all, my dad's from there so it should be like home right?!

5) So want to decorate and make a little home for myself (maybe in Manchester ;) ey up exciting times.

6) BUTLINS...... hopefully will one day be a redcoat, and hopefully this'll kick start my career too. So maybe Minehead, Skeggy or Bognor will be my home one day?! Let's hope so :) (all cross fingers and pray for me yeah?!)

7) 7 is my lucky and favourite number don't you know :) Maybe I will meet the "one" on a 7 day or hour or year hmmm very much doubt that

8) Lucky or Unlucky in love? No idea but at this very moment in time I DON'T CARE :) love being single, not that I do anything with that fact, but yes, alone suits me rather well. Who wants to be tied down anyway :)

9) I rather feel like a cuppa, or a coffee, or a hot chocolate.... actually I feel like a medium latte at costa. Darn, can't have that. Hmmm

10) Some people are like fish. Hard to catch and sometimes when you get a catch, you don't even like them

11) Other people are like chocolates. However much you try to get along without them, you always turn to them in the end

12) Others are like your family, purely because you love them to pieces.

13) And some are like dog poo. Absolute SH*T ;)

I never know if it's a good thing to end something on the number 13, as to some it's considered very unlucky. I'm not too bothered so I will conclude on the number 13. I've written it enough times and haven't gone Bang, so I'll take that as a good sign.


14) Always make sure to read til the end. You never know, there could be a surprise in store (in this case there is not, but you never know)


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