Thursday, 3 November 2011

Busy Bee

The Busy Life

Goodness me it's been a while. Busy is not the word I can tell you. Uni is so full on at the mo with loads of stuff to do for my final year! Eeeek graduation this time next year and I'm already so so excited!! 
Got lots of fun stuff coming up too with London & Manc & canals!! Oh yeaahhh!
I'm going up to London on Tuesday for my first "proper" interview! I'm excited not going to lie!! And London on my own should be a blast. Least I'll know what to expect when faced alone in the big smoke. Thinking it could be an amazing day & to top it all the Christmas lights are on so that's ace :)
So with the interview & my dissertation well underway things are looking good! Got my advanced project on the Cotswold Canals started too. Sounds dull drab & dusty but honestly it's pretty interesting & I'm going to make it fun! 
Other than Uni though I feel life has come to a standstill. Yes Uni is going places but otherwise I am stuck. Not feeling like I'm actually here. It's well odd!! I want to get the career ball rolling, move away, get a job, maybe find Mr Right (ha ha no chance, I'm far too unlucky) 
Well work calls. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Just a little too late (actually A LOT too late)

Firstly, I feel that this song is very fitting to what I am going to talk about, so if you feel the need read this whilst listening to it. (This can be like a fun lesson, or not)

Ok, so new post and all that I thought I'd be extremely genuine and talk about something that we all have and usually waste.
Yep, I am a big lover of wasting time especially when it comes to something important. I can sit down and study and I can learn and teach etc etc but can I not waste time when it comes to a beating heart?! No, apparently not. I'm a great believer in follow your heart, but I am one of those people that foolishly follow their head over heart every single time. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes following your head can lead to great decisions and the better choice, but for me it seems to go the complete opposite way. I follow my head and end up stuffing up and wishing I'd followed my heart instead. I waste time on too much thinking and should really just do what I want, and I expect I'm not alone in this thought process. I have now decided, in light of recent events, that I am no longer going to follow my head when it comes to hearty decisions, as you seem to end up regretting it and wishing you could turn back the clock. Well this is what happens to me anyway.
I have learnt a valuable lesson, do not be a complete and utter douche bag, and don't let the past block the future. I have a thing about doing that too. You know when something has gone wrong in your life and you don't want to ever do it again?! Like, I don't know, let's say for instance that you crash your car and then for ages and ages you are scared of driving. This didn't happen to me but I have the more "relationship" side of this rubbish bargain. Bad things happen and I don't want to be involved with anything again because it frankly frightens me to death. Why would you want to put yourself in a vulnerable situation just to put yourself right out there so you can get shot down and be back at square one?! That's the way I think anyway and it's a bloody awful way of thinking. I know that now, but what's the bet I'll still do this again, and again, and again. People say I'm lonely because I'm alone. I'm not, I'm just a bit of a twat.
So firstly, time wasting and being a douche and then not following heart and now to being afraid of the future because of past experiences.
What's happened to me ey?!
Well over and put, hopefully the next post will be more cheerful.

Heart on my sleeve ey? Heart on my bloody sleeve.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Dissertation, Life and Career Goals

Well the time has come for me to start thinking about my life and actually trying to do something with it! Even though I've been at Uni now for the past 2 years, my third year is about to start and I am preparing myself now, for hopefully, the best year ever! :)

Life goals are probably clearer now than ever before but they seem so much harder to reach now, than they did 2 years ago! Why is that? When surely I should be nearer them as I'm getting a degree?! Weird.
But anyway, I want want want, doesn't always get right?! Well if you want it enough, eventually you must be able to have a chance at getting it yes? Because I'm thinking that if I want it hard enough, and try my very very best and put in 100000%, I may have a small chance of getting what I want. So as a result of this I am going to try everything to get the ball rolling and to get my career.

For those of you who don't know, (though I'd imagine the majority of you do as it's all I ever talk about), I want to be a Children's TV Presenter. Niche market I know and I probably have like a one in a million chance of success but what's for the want of trying ey?!
Ever since I was about 7 this has been my dream. I wrote a letter to the BBC when I was 10 saying that I wanted to work for them and that I wanted to present. They wrote back as well saying that at 10 I was too young, but to try hard and maybe one day it would come true. I've still got this letter til this day and stand by what it said. If I try hard, maybe I will get my dream.

I study, A LOT, to try and make this happen and although most people think I'm boring and probably a tad obsessive over the kid's tv thing, I really enjoy it. If you asked me to write ten thousands words on the education of children's TV, I'd do it and enjoy it. It's a passion and I could go on about it for days. Some people want to travel the world, some want to move away from home, some want to be rich and others want to be happy. I kinda want it all, but then I suppose who doesn't? Imagine, working for children's TV. Waking up in the morning and thinking Wow, I love going to work. I'd hate to get up everyday and dread what it was going to bring. What a horrible thing. I want to wake up excited and happy about the day's events and I want to get involved in things that I could never dream of. Ok, I grant you, I'd never want to jump out of a plane and drop three hundred thousand feet or whatever, but in the name of children's TV I'd do double that.
Madness? I think so.
But then again, I think I'm fun, I think I could do it and mostly, I want to give it a try.

So if you do happen to read this and think OMG what an insane nutter, (as most people do, as a fully grown adult, messing around on TV doesn't appeal to many people out there), you're right. I am a nutter and I love it.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011


It has certainly been a very long time since I wrote about something remotely interesting on this here blog, so I thought it may be  good time to change.

So, so facts on me, life and love (pahahaha I'm only kidding on the love part)
Ok so...
1) It's nearly my birthday, exciting times, but to be honest I can't be bothered with it so yeah :/

2) Third and final year of uni starts next month MEGA excited. Looking forward to my final year and then hopefully kick starting my career

3) My love for Kids TV is still going strong and I am still very keen in fulfilling my ambition to become a children's TV presenter. Even though people have said it's a hard market to get into I'm gonna try my bloody best as that's all I want to do, and all I ever have wanted to do :)

4) Have learnt more about life this past few months than ever before. Have decided that I am excited to start my life "alone" and am thinking of moving up to manchester when Uni is done. After all, my dad's from there so it should be like home right?!

5) So want to decorate and make a little home for myself (maybe in Manchester ;) ey up exciting times.

6) BUTLINS...... hopefully will one day be a redcoat, and hopefully this'll kick start my career too. So maybe Minehead, Skeggy or Bognor will be my home one day?! Let's hope so :) (all cross fingers and pray for me yeah?!)

7) 7 is my lucky and favourite number don't you know :) Maybe I will meet the "one" on a 7 day or hour or year hmmm very much doubt that

8) Lucky or Unlucky in love? No idea but at this very moment in time I DON'T CARE :) love being single, not that I do anything with that fact, but yes, alone suits me rather well. Who wants to be tied down anyway :)

9) I rather feel like a cuppa, or a coffee, or a hot chocolate.... actually I feel like a medium latte at costa. Darn, can't have that. Hmmm

10) Some people are like fish. Hard to catch and sometimes when you get a catch, you don't even like them

11) Other people are like chocolates. However much you try to get along without them, you always turn to them in the end

12) Others are like your family, purely because you love them to pieces.

13) And some are like dog poo. Absolute SH*T ;)

I never know if it's a good thing to end something on the number 13, as to some it's considered very unlucky. I'm not too bothered so I will conclude on the number 13. I've written it enough times and haven't gone Bang, so I'll take that as a good sign.


14) Always make sure to read til the end. You never know, there could be a surprise in store (in this case there is not, but you never know)


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tis Been a While

Wow, well it really has been ages since I wrote a good old post hasn't it.
Oh Dear.
In my defense (well kinda) uni has been mental, work has been even more mental and I have been a very busy bumble bee!!
After May 9th I'm back, as exams and assessments are over and I can relax for the summer! Only 1 more year to go and I gotta get a real life job job. No more checkouts! YAY!
Well, until the 10th May my friends.............