Wednesday, 29 September 2010

University Challenge

Firstly, the story writing went well! HA, for the whole 2 days. I rather enjoyed it none the less and may continue again soon. Although, I dunno if I want to bother reminising in sight of recent events !
Any way....

University is now back on the cards and Mr Malcolm has requested a blog about his Online Lecture.
I do like online journalism if I'm honest as I like citizen journalism and Blogging is pretty fun!

For this blog I will talk a bit about Twitter.
Twitter is a fairly new concept to me as I haven't been familiar with it for that long. I signed up for an account last year. Looked at it. Signed off. And didn't sign back on again.....UNTIL university enlightened me to what a useful tool for journalism it actually is.
Twitter can be used as citize journalism and can also be used to find out information on topics in the news and for people's opinions.
Many famous faces are on Twitter. From Simon Pegg to Fearne Cotton and from Tom Hanks to Jimmy Carr. Even Barack Obama has Twitter!!
It's a good way to find out information about people's lives and well being and getting a celeb fix and it's also useful for job searching, news searching, current affairs. It's all starting to heat up on Twitter with it being in the news a lot due to celebs abusing the fact Twitter is seen by their fans. Many sports stars have now been told that they are not to use Twitter whilst preparing for matches and fixtures etc to avoid being hounded and possibly charged because of something they have written.
The England Football Team was told earlier this year that they were not to access Twitter during the worl cup for this reason.
The Ryder Cup this year has said no to mobile phones and such internet devices being used by the Prof Golfers as well as spectators to avoid such events.

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