Tuesday, 7 September 2010

part 2

For me, the whole initial thing of going up to someone and making any kind of move is utterly unbearable. So why, why, why, did I feel it was me who had to make the first move when it came to him?
Standing with my girls the party was starting to hit off and we were all drinking our cheap booze. Soph had poined out Mr Dreamboat earlier in the night explaing who he was and how even she had slept with him. Here, I wasn't really too sure. If he'd been with Soph and they weren't even in a relationship, what kind of guy was he going to turn out to be? But I suppose everyone deserves a chance and I really wanted to give him one.

After the who was he, where he lived and who he's recently been with talk, I felt pretty hyped up. Push came to shove, and in the end Soph had pursuaded me to go over and talk to him. Walking across the room, it felt as though I was walking miles. All eyes on me about to make the biggest fool out of myself ever! But in reality it wasn't that bad. Walking over I could see him more clearly. The green eyes, the freckled skin and the slick brown hair. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.
Reaching him, what was the first thing I thought of to say? Hi? Alright? Nope. First thing to come out of my mouth was.... nothing!!! I just stood there!! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. I may as well have done a dance or dressed up as a chicken, I felt so stupid. He laughed and then started to talk. His voice strong and deep. He told me I was beautiful. Told me he'd heard stuff about me and wanted to get to know me better. In short, he said everything every girl wants to hear. The next thing I knew he had his hand on my face, softly stroking my cheek. His green eyes were looking deep into mine and as I started to melt with an overwhelming rush of lust, his lips touched mine. Before this, I had never so much as danced with a guy I didn't know, never mind snog his face off!! Ok, that was a bit too much detail, though true none the less. But for old times sake and for the want of remembering, more detail on the kiss is needed. It was amazing. The best kiss ever. You know when romantic couples kiss in films and the girl does that leg popping thing, when she lifts up one leg like a loved up flamingo?? It was one of those kissing moments. (Although I'd like to point out that I did not do this, as I would of most surely done it way over the top and taken someones eye out with me neon pink heels.) But anyway, back to the kiss. It was soft but aggressive. Passionate but firery. Flirty but love. Yeah, I said it... love. Looking back now it was lust but at the time it was still wow.

The kissing lasted way over 2 hours and by the time it was over it was time to leave the dingy skittle alley and head home. The lights came on and I could see my kisser in the dim lighting and I thought, Yes, here I have made a good move. Attractive, tall and a great kisser. Nothing can go wrong! Ha Ha. Yes I was an idiot. But it's what followed that made me the biggest idiot of all.

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