Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Get back to blogging

Ok.. so after slipping back into very slack ways, I have once again decided to start blogging.

The Blog of Bec Waters, if this is what we choose to call it, is some what that of a mixmatch of excitement and drab. Somedays this will be filled with exciting life changing information (ok so that might be a skight exageration) and other days it will be clear of thoughts about birds, flowers and photography. (Ok, so that was a slight exageration too.)

I talk about things that interest me. Mostly random events and things going on in my life. BUT for purposes unknown to me, (University Degree) I must refrain from doing this all the time and should concentrate on something more educational and of use.
So for this, I will talk about presenting and such like, on television and radio.
I will also Blog about recent Student Radio shows and hopefully I will blog about my own local radio show, BUT (once again a big but) I need to sort that out!

So for now, let me just say, Bec is back....well crawling a very slow pace :P

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