Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cbeebies presenter shock!

I have been thinking about a story which happened late last year. I'm very passionate about children's television and remembered this story for the sheer prejudice about it.

Back in late 2009 the BBC recieved lots of complaints from parents of children who watch their Cbeebies channel. The reason for the complaints? A new presenter. The BBC had hired new presenter Cerrie Burnell to present the Cbeebies channel. The complaints from parents didn't stem from the way she acted or spoke on the channel, it was about the way she looked. Cerrie had been born without an arm and had been left with a stump just past her elbow. Apparently, her disability and her different appearance caused parents to be concerned for their child's safety. The BBC had many letters and emails stating that children watching the channel were frightened by her appearance. To me, this is utterly ridiculous! Here you can see an obvious case of prejudice from many parents out there. It wasn't the children with the problem, as a study was carried out which showed that most children didn't even notice Cerrie only had one arm, or that if they did they weren't bothered by it!

Being disabled shouldn't have to cause a scene and certainly shouldn't put someone under the media spotlight. Cerrie is a great presenter and is achieving her dream by doing this job. Just because someone on tv has a disability, there is no need to complain about it. All the complainants should feel very ashamed of themselves, as Cerrie is still working on the Cbeebies channel and doing a great job!

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