Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bring Back the 90s and early 00s

I've always been really interested in working on Children's TV. But in the last couple of years, I have noticed that the standard of Children's TV has decreased dramatically. What happened to the good old days of Blue Peter, Noddy and all the decent shows?

Now days everything is all computer generated, with most of the old school classic programs which all of us 90s kids grew up watching, are changing into 3D cartoons with no classic presenters.

I remember when there were no specialised channels for children's tv. The BBC had BBC 2 which showed both young and older children's programmes with a presenter introducing each program and making the channel a lot more interactive. They used to get you to send in your pictures and letters and would show them on TV and you would get all excited if your art work was held up by the presenter that you admired so much! What has happened to those days?

The rise in technology has pretty much ruined the classic children's TV. You may have more channels out there for kids now days but how many of them are actually decent educational shows? Where's Playdays? Where's Words and Pictures? Where's El nombre?

I say bring back presenters and bring back more educational programs for children. Come on BBC, you can do better than this!

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