Thursday, 8 April 2010

Another Musical...How do you solve a problem like The Beamans?

If I said to you comedy duo band, what would you think of?
Flight of the Concords maybe?
Or maybe you just wouldn't have a clue what I was on about?

Comedy Duo Band- pretty much what it says on the tin. 2 people, in a band, performing comedy songs.

In other words, "The Beamans"!

The Beamans are a new band starting out in Cheltenham and just starting to perform live!

Me and Harri make up the band with an occasional star appearance from our friend Tea. The Beamans have written a few of their own songs and have performed a few covers. Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and songs from hit Disney Film the Lion King are some of our personal favourites.

In true style, I will put some links to some songs and The Beamans' MySpace page, just incase you were wanting to take a closer look at the nutters that truely make up The Beamans.

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