Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Student Life!!-Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble on Student Life - How I find it and how it's working for me

These pictures pretty much sum up my life as a student at The University of Gloucestershire.

I shall explain why in a second..........

Ok well first image is of me with a ukulele. This sums up my life with my friend Harri ( she has a blog too, click her name!!)Me and Harri write songs and sing songs and pretty much have an amazing laugh together.
Some of our songs are on youtube.
Hot Chocolate-Polar Express Cover
It's Always The Girls
Risk Assessment

The second image is of one of the best nights of my life! It's when I met DAVE BENSON PHILLIPS!!! He is a legend. Was so excited when he came to our University Freshers Week. He was a DJ at our Beach Party and my favourite quote from the night was,"Are you all having a great time?? With Dave Benson Phillips?" He liked saying his own name and it was very funny! But he was a great guy and we had a fab night! Cheers Dave!!

The third image is a gorgeous web cam photo! This is what we got up to on our 2nd day of uni after meeting about 18 hours before hand! The fun you can have with a web cam is a joke when you're bored and at uni.

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  1. love it.
    well good blog girlie, you keep it up!!!!!

    i love your spelling and grammer and general topic!