Monday, 1 March 2010

Right well another blog!
Having some weird stuff going on at the moment! Just had to come back from uni just to let my boyfriend into his house! He locked himself out when he ran outside to get his new dean razor back slime bumble bee guitar! Typical man.
Any way, uni us going ok. Sometimes boring sometimes not. Went to see the very funny Jimmy Carr last night with haz, t, jamie, nath and kim! Was very good! He told a funny joke about the queen doing the stamp position with Prince Phillip! Basically doing it backwards whilst Phillip licks the back of her head! Was o so very funny!
Well.... Me and harri .... "the beamans" have our first gig on 24th march at FCH campus! Will be good. Doing a few covers and a few of our own! Will be good fun :D

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