Saturday, 6 March 2010

Model Mania- The Curse of Size Zero

Thought Bubble of today- Size Zero.
Good for our younger generation? Or just a meer inconvienience to girls of society?

If you go down to the cat walk today , you're sure of a big suprise.
If you go down to the cat walk today (and you're not size zero), you better go in disguise.

Ok... Get the picture?

Girls of today are being ridiculed into thinking that being a size zero is the only way to look gorgeous and get boys to be interested in you! The fashion of today's society is portraying the wrong message to young teens about their figure and how to react to it. Style guru Gok Wan got a petition together to try and promote real life, real size models. He took this concept to teen magazine Bliss, where for one issue and for a special feature, they used 3 real women as models. One was a tall girl 6"2, who struggled to find clothes to fit her hight and rarely saw any tall models on the cat walk or in publishing or broadcasts. Another was an athletic girl of size 8 who found it hard to find clothes to fit her boyish frame. And the last was 15 year old Emily who was a curvacious size 14. Here, Bliss found Emily the main problem. Not due to her personality or apperance, but because when the fashion companies send out the samples of clothes to businesses, they only send size 8 and size 10. Here you can see where the real problem arises!! Is it really the fault of the vindictive industry of publishing and broadcast? Or that of the fashion industry, that is slowly but surely, manipulating girls into thinking their bodies aren't good enough?!

It is the fault of the fashion world that makes us insecure about our body size and apperance. The publishers and broadcasters put in thin size models due to the lack or other sizes available by the fashion companies! This is wrong and all women and girls out there need to make a stand! We will not be ridiculed any longer! We will not be told by the media that our bodies are not beautiful because we're larger than a stick!

If you believe in this also, don't just watch it happen. Write to the magazines! Write the the fashion companies! Write to the broadcasters! As they will not do anything without public backing!

-next though bubble will be- "boy, I wish I had abs" -A thought about boys pressure to be sexy and athletic due to the media!

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