Sunday, 7 March 2010

Model Mania- Boy, I want Abs and The Art of Air brushing

Thought Bubble- Why the lads want the latest abs and how air brushing can really change you

Well.. There are many rants about how the girls are being inflicted upon by the media to be thin and look sexy. We have established that to look good, you do not have to be a size zero. Being yourself and letting your personality come through is more important than any looks.

So with the girls in mind, what about the lovely lads?
The pressure is ever increasing on the boys too, to look just as you see the stereo typical male model, in todays glossy magazines. Take a look in magazines today. Whether it's a lads mag, a girls mag or simply any kind of publishing which would contain a male model. Just think how many topless males you see daily. This might not just be on TV or in magazines, but also on adverts. TV adverts are one of the main causes of teenage boys becoming inferior with their bodies. The males in the lime light have great abs. A proper 6 pack. They also have the most perfect pecks and a great package. But in real life, how many blokes are really like that?

And the answer to that question is??

.....You've guessed it, hardly any!

Magazines and adverts are air brushed!The most perfect abs and the gorgeous body isn't always what is really there. You can add in a 6 pack and the biggest bulge ever. Doesn't mean to say they really look like that!
All you guys out there should love who you are! Don't feel pressured to follow the media and get this perfect "male" figure. Girls aren't all about how you look! Trust me!
Being a girl, I can tell you, I don't go for lads who have a 6 pack or a fantastic body! I go for, just as most of the other girls out there do, a fab personality and a great sense of humour! What's the use of a great body if you have no personality and can't have a joke!?

You see my point? You lads have got to be yourself! Don't look and compare yourself to these unrealistic male models! You are great the way you are! Just dress for your shape and how you feel! Be comfortable and classy!
Personality is key! Rock that instead of the body and you'll be onto a winner!
Don't try and be an air brushed model, as in reality, you can't be!
Be yourself and shine guys!
You know you're worth it!!!

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