Monday, 8 March 2010

Fun, Frolics and Alcoholics

Thought Bubble of today: Not just the model mania and the physical side of media pressure, but the good and the bad to the mental and personal side!

So.. Fun, Frolics and Alcoholics.

Being who you are is part of the fun rollercoaster that is life. What's the point in hating every minute of it? Live it and have fun! Well, that's my motto any way.... (well actually my motto, just like Timone and Pumba, is Hakuna Matata, but that's beside the point.)

Fun is key in life. If you have fun you'll enjoy yourself and be happier. This will reflect in how you work, act, play and how you are in general. If you're happier and having more fun, you're more likely to get along with people and perform better at work. Also, if you're calorie conscious, it's even better. As laughing burns lots of calories.

Frolics...what really does this mean? Well I'm using it in the context of messing around, having a laugh and once again having fun! You need this in life too. Don't get yourself down about not having the latest stuff on the market, not having the "perfect" figure and not being the smartest in the world! Have a mess about with friends and let your hair down and have fun!

Alcoholics...well, this kind of speaks for itself! Remember 1 glass of red wine a day is good for the heart (so say?!)

Remember have fun and keep smiling.
Hakuna Mattata-"it means no worries"

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