Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Thought Bubble - Gig Tastic !

Another blog about something that will interest me when I write it and will hopefully interest you when you read it!


Gigs are pretty mental. Whatever style of music you go to gigs just have a general mental atmosphere.

I went to a gig last night to see my mates band "Lost Laika". They are a metal bank with a bit of screamo in it but they are so fun to watch as they are actually mental people. Their lead singer Wagg is such a good performer, even though he is a nutter and the rest of the band are so good at what they do! Even if you don't like this kind of music give them a listen as it's just a good experience to listen to it. Take a listen to some of their stuff on their myspace. (I've put a link on the band name above!)

Well, that's my plug to band, "Lost Laika", so check them out. Band consists of:
Sasha- Drums/Vocals

Another gig I may as well mention, even though it's gonna be stupidly funny, is the Live Music Easter Event at FCH Campus for Uni of Glos Students!

Me and Harri, "The Beamans" are playing a set tonight at 9:30pm. Bit of a pointless plug as we doubt any one is coming anyway! If you have read my previous blogs you will see that we are no normal band and our music is umm special?!
We are performing:
It's always the girls
Two and a Half Men Theme
Risk Assessment
You've got a friend in me -Toy Story
He live in you -Lion King

Fun Times!

Well that's all for now


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Student Life!!-Thought Bubble

Thought Bubble on Student Life - How I find it and how it's working for me

These pictures pretty much sum up my life as a student at The University of Gloucestershire.

I shall explain why in a second..........

Ok well first image is of me with a ukulele. This sums up my life with my friend Harri ( she has a blog too, click her name!!)Me and Harri write songs and sing songs and pretty much have an amazing laugh together.
Some of our songs are on youtube.
Hot Chocolate-Polar Express Cover
It's Always The Girls
Risk Assessment

The second image is of one of the best nights of my life! It's when I met DAVE BENSON PHILLIPS!!! He is a legend. Was so excited when he came to our University Freshers Week. He was a DJ at our Beach Party and my favourite quote from the night was,"Are you all having a great time?? With Dave Benson Phillips?" He liked saying his own name and it was very funny! But he was a great guy and we had a fab night! Cheers Dave!!

The third image is a gorgeous web cam photo! This is what we got up to on our 2nd day of uni after meeting about 18 hours before hand! The fun you can have with a web cam is a joke when you're bored and at uni.

Unfitting Topic 1- General Election!

So...I have to write an exciting blog about...... drum roll please..... The General Election!

If I'm 100% honest, I am probably one of the most uninterested people in the general election! I don't really understand what it is, how it works or really what it's about, but with this blog, I SHALL LEARN! (Along with you, if you don't really know much about the election either.)

This picture could quite easily sum up the election....

Here's a link to a political map in the Telegraph (I don't really know what this means!!)

Ok, I have got a few bits of information on the General Election. It's not about the actual election, it's more to do with me and the election itself.

On May 6th I am going to be helping my local BBC radio station, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, with the voting day and the polls! I'm going to be spending the whole day at Stroud Sub Rooms, helping out with the counting and helping Gloucestershire know the results of the votes!

I'm quite excited about the concept of going out and doing some proper work for the station as so far I have only done some work experience there! So Bring It On!

Monday, 8 March 2010

Fun, Frolics and Alcoholics

Thought Bubble of today: Not just the model mania and the physical side of media pressure, but the good and the bad to the mental and personal side!

So.. Fun, Frolics and Alcoholics.

Being who you are is part of the fun rollercoaster that is life. What's the point in hating every minute of it? Live it and have fun! Well, that's my motto any way.... (well actually my motto, just like Timone and Pumba, is Hakuna Matata, but that's beside the point.)

Fun is key in life. If you have fun you'll enjoy yourself and be happier. This will reflect in how you work, act, play and how you are in general. If you're happier and having more fun, you're more likely to get along with people and perform better at work. Also, if you're calorie conscious, it's even better. As laughing burns lots of calories.

Frolics...what really does this mean? Well I'm using it in the context of messing around, having a laugh and once again having fun! You need this in life too. Don't get yourself down about not having the latest stuff on the market, not having the "perfect" figure and not being the smartest in the world! Have a mess about with friends and let your hair down and have fun!

Alcoholics...well, this kind of speaks for itself! Remember 1 glass of red wine a day is good for the heart (so say?!)

Remember have fun and keep smiling.
Hakuna Mattata-"it means no worries"

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Model Mania- Boy, I want Abs and The Art of Air brushing

Thought Bubble- Why the lads want the latest abs and how air brushing can really change you

Well.. There are many rants about how the girls are being inflicted upon by the media to be thin and look sexy. We have established that to look good, you do not have to be a size zero. Being yourself and letting your personality come through is more important than any looks.

So with the girls in mind, what about the lovely lads?
The pressure is ever increasing on the boys too, to look just as you see the stereo typical male model, in todays glossy magazines. Take a look in magazines today. Whether it's a lads mag, a girls mag or simply any kind of publishing which would contain a male model. Just think how many topless males you see daily. This might not just be on TV or in magazines, but also on adverts. TV adverts are one of the main causes of teenage boys becoming inferior with their bodies. The males in the lime light have great abs. A proper 6 pack. They also have the most perfect pecks and a great package. But in real life, how many blokes are really like that?

And the answer to that question is??

.....You've guessed it, hardly any!

Magazines and adverts are air brushed!The most perfect abs and the gorgeous body isn't always what is really there. You can add in a 6 pack and the biggest bulge ever. Doesn't mean to say they really look like that!
All you guys out there should love who you are! Don't feel pressured to follow the media and get this perfect "male" figure. Girls aren't all about how you look! Trust me!
Being a girl, I can tell you, I don't go for lads who have a 6 pack or a fantastic body! I go for, just as most of the other girls out there do, a fab personality and a great sense of humour! What's the use of a great body if you have no personality and can't have a joke!?

You see my point? You lads have got to be yourself! Don't look and compare yourself to these unrealistic male models! You are great the way you are! Just dress for your shape and how you feel! Be comfortable and classy!
Personality is key! Rock that instead of the body and you'll be onto a winner!
Don't try and be an air brushed model, as in reality, you can't be!
Be yourself and shine guys!
You know you're worth it!!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Model Mania- The Curse of Size Zero

Thought Bubble of today- Size Zero.
Good for our younger generation? Or just a meer inconvienience to girls of society?

If you go down to the cat walk today , you're sure of a big suprise.
If you go down to the cat walk today (and you're not size zero), you better go in disguise.

Ok... Get the picture?

Girls of today are being ridiculed into thinking that being a size zero is the only way to look gorgeous and get boys to be interested in you! The fashion of today's society is portraying the wrong message to young teens about their figure and how to react to it. Style guru Gok Wan got a petition together to try and promote real life, real size models. He took this concept to teen magazine Bliss, where for one issue and for a special feature, they used 3 real women as models. One was a tall girl 6"2, who struggled to find clothes to fit her hight and rarely saw any tall models on the cat walk or in publishing or broadcasts. Another was an athletic girl of size 8 who found it hard to find clothes to fit her boyish frame. And the last was 15 year old Emily who was a curvacious size 14. Here, Bliss found Emily the main problem. Not due to her personality or apperance, but because when the fashion companies send out the samples of clothes to businesses, they only send size 8 and size 10. Here you can see where the real problem arises!! Is it really the fault of the vindictive industry of publishing and broadcast? Or that of the fashion industry, that is slowly but surely, manipulating girls into thinking their bodies aren't good enough?!

It is the fault of the fashion world that makes us insecure about our body size and apperance. The publishers and broadcasters put in thin size models due to the lack or other sizes available by the fashion companies! This is wrong and all women and girls out there need to make a stand! We will not be ridiculed any longer! We will not be told by the media that our bodies are not beautiful because we're larger than a stick!

If you believe in this also, don't just watch it happen. Write to the magazines! Write the the fashion companies! Write to the broadcasters! As they will not do anything without public backing!

-next though bubble will be- "boy, I wish I had abs" -A thought about boys pressure to be sexy and athletic due to the media!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Right well another blog!
Having some weird stuff going on at the moment! Just had to come back from uni just to let my boyfriend into his house! He locked himself out when he ran outside to get his new dean razor back slime bumble bee guitar! Typical man.
Any way, uni us going ok. Sometimes boring sometimes not. Went to see the very funny Jimmy Carr last night with haz, t, jamie, nath and kim! Was very good! He told a funny joke about the queen doing the stamp position with Prince Phillip! Basically doing it backwards whilst Phillip licks the back of her head! Was o so very funny!
Well.... Me and harri .... "the beamans" have our first gig on 24th march at FCH campus! Will be good. Doing a few covers and a few of our own! Will be good fun :D

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